Lighting care and maintenance

A charge of £50.00 per visit will be made after a period of 3 months from the installation date if you require Premier to carry out bulb replacements.
Pelmet Lights
Pelmet lights (strip lights) can be obtained directly from Premier.
Please email giving the measurement of the unit that you require. To replace the bulb, carry out the following:
1. Turn off light at switch.
2. Slowly twist bulb towards you.
3. Carefully lower one end of the bulb. The other end will drop out.
4. Reverse above steps to install new bulb.
Replacement bulbs can be purchased from our showrooms. Click here to find details of your nearest showroom.
LED Lights
LED bulbs have a longer life span than halogen lights however once LED lifetime has expired the complete unit and/or transformer may need replacing. Due to Part P certification we recommend that you contact us to arrange replacement on 01733 295561.

Lighting Care

For any further issues please contact:
Customer Care Department
Premier Kitchens & Bedrooms, Phorpres Close, Cygnet Park,
Hampton, Peterborough PE7 8FZ
Tel: 01733 295561
Fax: 01733 294079
Email the Customer Care department here

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