Door care and maintenance

A charge of £50.00 per visit will be made after a period of 3 months from the installation date if you require Premier to carry out either hinged door adjustments or drawer adjustments.

Hinge adjustment
Vertical adjustment (up and down) - Slightly loosen screws on both hinges where attached to the cabinet. The door should now slide up and down allowing you to adjust the door to correct height. Holding door steady, tighten all the screws back up.
Lateral adjustment (side to side) – Remove cover plate from hinge arm. Turn hinge screw nearest cabinet either clockwise or anti clockwise, the door should move from side to side. By adjusting both hinges (if needed), the door can be lined up easily.
Front and back adjustment – If the door catches the cabinet when opening or does not rest on the door buffers, follow these instructions: Remove cover plate from hinge arm and slightly loosen the screw furthest away from cabinet, adjust door back and forth to new position and re-tighten screws. Repeat if you require finer adjustments. Replace cover plate.

Hinge Attachment and Adjustment

Door Care
Just as damp conditions must be avoided before installation, similar regard must be given once the kitchen is in use. Localised areas can be carelessly subjected to unduly high condensation. Care should be taken with the installation of tumble dryers and kettles in close proximity to wall units. Do not place kettles under wall units; excessive steam produced by boiling of the kettle will damage kitchen doors over time. During use some fascias, particularly those near sinks or washing machines, may get flooded with water and permanent damage may result if this water is left for extended periods. Wipe all spillages immediately.

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