Cabinet care and maintenance

In general, cabinet and drawer interiors need only a wipe over with a general household cleaner, stubborn blemishes can be cleaned with mild grit cleaner i.e. ‘CIF’. Do not ‘flood the edges’ with excess water.

Cabinet Care and Maintenance

Drawer runners
Need only to be kept dust and grit free by vacuuming or brushing, no oiling is required.
Are maintenance free and require no oiling, minor adjustments may be required from time to time.
Brass and chrome fittings
Such as brass handles or gallery/worktop rails, these items should never be cleaned with a brass or chrome cleaner – they have been treated with a lacquer so only use a slightly damp cloth rinsed in a mild detergent.
Internally fitted bins
Never over fill the bin as this will prevent the lid from closing and allows smells to escape. It may also cause damage to the lid when the door is opened and closed. Clean with a cloth moistened with water and a cleaning product or bleach, and wipe with a dry cloth.
Internal storage solutions
Care MUST be taken when stocking shelves and baskets. Overloading the shelves and baskets will cause damage to the unit, please do not exceed maximum storage weights. Internal storage solutions can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth rinsed in a very mild detergent.

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