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Premier Kitchens Christmas Recipes - Snow Trifles

Our lovely showroom demonstrators have been busy whipping up some tasty festive treats in their Premier showrooms, here are Debbie's Snow Trifles! Christmas Snow Trifles (Serves 6)

- 6 sundae serving glasses
- Half pack of trifle sponge fingers
- 240g fresh fruit pot (our fave is kiwi strawberry and melon but you can use the fruit pot of your choice or a small tin of fruit cocktail in juice)
- 1 banana
- Juice of 1 small orange
- 4 tablespoons of coffee liqueur
- Low fat instant custard powder pack
- Light real cream spray
- Green sugar sand
- Sugar snow flakes

- Break up and divide the sponge fingers between the serving glasses
- Mix the orange juice, any juice from the fruit pot and the coffee liqueur together in a jug
- Pour the mixture over the trifle sponges, should be well soaked 
- Cut up the fruit in the pot to very small pieces and divide between the serving glasses
- Divide the banana into slices and place on top of the fruit
- Make up the custard using boiling water according to the instructions. Tip: Give it a blast in the microwave to make sure it's thickened properly, divide between the glasses pouring gently to cover the sliced bananas evenly
- Place in the fridge until completely cool
- Spray an even layer of spray cream on top of the custard
- Sprinkle a thick layer of green sugar sand for "grass" effect
- Sprinkle sugar snowflakes onto the grass


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