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Premier Kitchens Christmas Recipes - Freezer Cake

Pauline our Showroom demonstrator in Wellingborough shares her delicious alternative to traditional Christmas cake. Pauline told us that it's easy to make - it goes into the freezer pre cut into suitable size servings, ready for when you get surprise visitors.

Christmas Conflake Wreath

8ozs butter
4 tablespoons golden syrup
1 lb shortbread biscuits crushed roughly
2 ozs seedless raisins
2 ozs hazelnuts chopped
4 ozs glace cherries halved
8 ozs plain chocolate chopped
2 oz milk chocolate
2 tablespoons of water
1 oz butter
6 oz icing sugar
Melt butter & syrup in a pan.  Add the rest of the cake ingredients stir press into your container about 1" thick when cool and place in a fridge to harden.
Put chocolate in a pan with water and fat to melt.  Off heat beat in sugar.  Spread chilled cake with the icing.  Run knife around portion sizes squares or oblong portions.  Put into freezer.
The cake is ready to eat within a few minutes of removing from the freezer and you can take out the amount required.

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