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Premier Kitchens Christmas Recipes - Festive Fruit Tree

Netty from our Peterborough showroom has created this amazing Festive Fruit Tree, if you're looking for something to make with a few less calories this Christmas this is a simple recipe that you can make and modify to your taste!

- Butternut Squash
- Satsumas
- Banana 
- Kiwi
- Nectarine
- Pineapple 
- Jelly 
- Natural yoghurt

You will also need a large supply of cocktail sticks and some tin foil.

- Place butternut squash on a plate
- Slice fruit to bite-size pieces
- Push a cocktail stick in to each piece of fruit
- Arrange these in a pattern of your choice around the butternut squash
- Make jelly as per packet instructions and spoon this around the base of the butternut squash
- Pour natural yoghurt around the jelly - great fruit dipping spot!
- Using the tin foil, make a star shape for the tree topper, you can use a card template to wrap the foil around
- Put 2 slits in the top of the butternut squash for the star to rest in


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