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Which Worktop?


With so many different worktop options out there, it can be quite daunting finding the perfect one for your kitchen.

Which Worktop?

There are three main factors that need to be considered - how much you are willing to spend, how low maintenance do you want it to be and what colour and design do you want.
Laminate is the cheapest option of worktop but that in no way means that it looks cheap. With advanced technology, laminate can easily mimic other worktop materials so can be suited to all kitchens. It’s extremely durable and doesn’t tend to scratch, although it is advised to have a chopping board for cutting.
Granite is a natural product which was formed 750 million to 3 billion years ago after magma cooled in the earth’s crust. It is very low maintenance and can withhold hot objects being placed onto it, although we always recommend the use of chopping boards or trivets. Granite is perfect for those keen cooks as its cold surface is perfect for pastry making.
Corian is the most expensive out of the worktops. As it is man-made, the joints are invisible, which is perfect for those kitchens that want to create curves and a seamless look. This works well with integrated sinks and makes it really hygienic as there are no gaps for bacteria to hide in. It is also stain and water resistant.
Solid Wood
For a natural appearance, solid wood is perfect to suit most kitchen styles, although some maintenance will be required to keep your worktop in pristine condition. Placing hot objects onto the material isn’t advised as it can be scorched, so having a worktop saver is vital with Solid Wood worktops.
If it is low maintenance, high quality you are looking for, this is the perfect worktop for you. Quartz is highly stain and scratch resistant, which makes it perfect for a modern busy life. It is also durable and non-porous – a worktop designed to last a lifetime.

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