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Traditional Vs Modern

Nowadays the kitchen is thought of as the heart of the home, it’s one of the most used rooms and it’s where family and friends all tend to congregate. There are so many things to think about when you are replacing your old kitchen, a kitchen remodel is a large expense so choosing the right style of kitchen for your home is important. If you are unsure what type of kitchen will work best in your home then follow our guide below to help you make the right decision. Whatever the style of your house, there is the perfect kitchen out there for you!

What are the differences between a modern and traditional kitchen?

Traditional kitchens are built to suit the style of the house and designed to stay on trend for years to come. Traditional kitchen designs incorporate slopes, curves, easy edges and use real wood finishes, often painted with pale hues such as cream or grey. Stone tiles or splashbacks, marble or limestone worktops and classic patterns are commonly used. The cooker is the focal point so, the bigger the range cooker the better!

Modern kitchens on the other hand are built to fit in with the theme of the home and edge more towards functionality, they are the perfect choice for a busier kitchen. Modern kitchen designs are simple yet effective, offering ample storage space and vast countertop area. Straight lines, hard edges, handless cupboards and doors and high tech appliances offer a sleek, compact design.

It is common now for people to embrace both traditional and modern within the design of their home interiors so, when it comes to choosing a kitchen, either style should work effortlessly but if you’re struggling with this aspect of your design choice then consult one of our experienced kitchen designers today and book your FREE Appointment! They will be able to guide you with design choices to make sure your style preferences are matched with your property.

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