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Premier’s Top 10 Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tips


It’s that time of year again when the weather starts to warm up, the birds start to cheap and every kitchen needs a good old Spring Clean. So here at Premier we have put together our top 10 tips for helping you to make that ghastly job a little easier.


1. Make a list – we highly recommend starting with a list of everything you want to achieve from your kitchen spring clean, that way you shouldn’t miss anything.  Plus you get the satisfaction of ticking everything off at the end!

2. Gather all of your cleaning equipment together so once you have those rubber gloves on you don’t have to go rummaging around looking for other things.
Here are just a few of the items we use; rubber gloves, cloths, spray, mob & bucket, an old toothbrush, feather duster and a trusty e-cloth.

3. Make sure your music playlist is set up and ready to go, good tunes always make a horrible job that bit better, plus what’s better than a bit of karaoke with the mop.
4. Start at the top and work down, this way any dust, dirt or grease shouldn’t drop down on something you have already cleaned.
5. Sort through your fridge, freezer and cupboards, throw away any thing that has perished or gone off before you start to clean them out.
6. Your oven… ARGH I hear your shout, but fear not as it’s got a lot easier with all the gadgets and gismos now available. One of our favourites is the (AEG oven cleaner) a simple and effective way to get your oven sparkly clean.

7. Windows, with all the appliances, cupboards and surfaces, it’s easy to forget your windows. Some good glass cleaner and a squeegee should do the job nicely.
8. Surfaces and Splashbacks, depending on the type of surfaces your have will depend on how you’re cleaning it but these shouldn’t be too bad, just a good bit of elbow grease should have them tip top in no time.
9. Your floor, this should be your final job, once everything else is done and whilst you’re waiting for it to dry you can take a seat and put your feet up after all that hard work.
10. And finally treat yourself to a nice bunch of flowers or a colourful potted plant to add the finishing touch to your now sparkling kitchen.


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