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How to choose the right sink for you


When purchasing any sink there are many different factors that need to be considered beforehand. This includes the sinks material, shape and size – it all depends on what works best for your needs.


Korana 1.5 Volcano Black granite sink

Before choosing the style of your sink you will need to factor in what worktop you are using because having a laminate worktop means you will need to go for an inset sink, whereas if you have a solid worktop your options are a lot more open as you can select any type of sink such as an undermount.  The difference in these sinks is that the inset sinks are installed into the worktops, whereas the undermount is placed under the worktop so that it effectively sits below the counter.


Stainless Steel  
The most popular of sinks, stainless steel is renowned for its everlasting design that never goes out of fashion. It is extremely hardwearing with great resistance to heat and stains and will withstand most common household acids and detergents. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and it is the easiest material to co-ordinate with taps and other kitchen appliances.

Stainless Steel sink

Ceramic Sinks
Ceramic sinks are individually crafted and finished in fireclay. They are cool and silky to touch and have a hard non-porous surface, which gives it excellent resistance from all common household detergents. As well as that, it is also very resistant to heat and is easy to clean. These sinks are ideal for country cottages or a classic shaker style kitchen.

Atracast Ceramic Sink

Composite Granite
Being a natural beauty, made from real quartz silica particles, the composite granite is easy to clean, is resistant to nearly all household chemicals and is extremely hardwearing.

Granite Sink

Once the material has been chosen you will need to decide on the size of the sink, which again is all down to personal preference and dependent on what space you have available in your kitchen. The most common of options that are mostly available are the 1.0, 1.5 and the 2.0 bowl sinks. The 1.0 bowl is a singular medium to large bowl whilst the 1.5 bowl is a large main bowl with a smaller bowl to the side which is ideal for rinsing. The 2.0 bowl has two bowls placed side by side.  However, not all variations of these sinks will be the same size overall, so looking at the specifications of the sink is an important factor when choosing the perfect sink for you.

Belfast Ceramic Sink

Book an appointment with us today and one of our designers will be happy to help with what sink will work best in your kitchen. Our sinks are from Astracast Studio range. Astracast are a market leader in supplying sinks, taps and accessories, manufacturing for over 30 years and all of their products are backed by their comprehensive guarantees. To view our large selection of sinks click here.


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