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Chef Richard Walton Allen, and Local Producers, join Premier Kitchens for the Premier Food Fayre in Peterborough


We are excited to share some photos from the Premier Food Fayre. It was a fun filled foodie evening in our Peterborough showroom. We had 4 wonderful local producers join us, as well as an award winning professional chef.

Premier Kitchens Food Fayre Peterborough


All of our visitors said how much they enjoyed tasting Watergull Orchard’s wide range of apple juices. You can find out more about their juices and ciders at they are stocked in Waitrose stores across the area, and in Dobbies next to the Peterborough Premier Kitchens & Bedrooms showroom.

The Fudge Factory at Deeping St. James' display looked particularly stunning, and we have all come home with lots of Fudge to try. You can find Deeping Fudge at markets and fairs across the region and read more about them at:

Buttercup offered a wide range of different flavour cupcakes, we particularly loved the coffee ones, and the red velvet ones looked stunning. Buttercup specialise in wedding cakes and flowers. You can read more about them on their Facebook page:

Bonnie Yaus offered our visitors an impressive selection of sauces to try. Not only was Bonnie offering samples of the different sauces, she provided hot noodles throughout the event. It smelt and tasted delicious. Bonnie works hard to innovate and develop oriental cuisine; you can find out more at: This Peterborough business has a wide range of stockists across the UK.

Demonstrations from Professional Chef Richard Walton Allen went on throughout the evening, and our customers and visitors enjoyed learning about the latest innovations in cooking technology, as well as some general top cooking tips. Thank you to AEG for helping to organise the event, and to everyone who came along, to make it a fun filled foodie evening.

If you would like to see more, you can watch a video of one of the demos over on our Facebook page:

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Apple juice tasting at Premier Kitchens Peterborough-showroom Baked food baking demo steam oven Peterborough Bonnie Yau's oriental sauces Peterborough Premier Kitchens Bonnie Yau's sauces food tasting at Premier Kitchens

Buttercup cupcakes Peterborough cakes Buttercup cupcakes Peterborough Chef cooking demonstration Peterborough Chocolate Orange fudge Peterborough-

Cooking classes Peterborough Premier Kitchens showroom Deeping Fudge in the Premier Kitchens Peterborough showroom Food tasting at Premier Kitchens Peterborough showroom Local producer Deeping Fudge Peterborough

Red velvet cupcakes Peterborough Richard Walton Allen aeg chef demo premier kitchens Richard Walton Allen professional chef Risotto Premier Kitchens Peterborough thumbnail

Roast beef and yorkshire pudding Peterborough chef demo Roast duck canapes chef demo Peterborough Cambridgeshire vanilla cupcake Watergull Orchards apple juice at Premier Kitchens


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