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Blum® – Space Tower

Lacking space in your kitchen? Not any longer with Blum’s Space Tower larder unit.

Lacking space in your kitchen? Not any longer with Blum’s Space Tower larder unit. 
The Blum Space® Tower provides ample space and comes in all heights, widths and depths so it can be tailored to suit every kitchen style and space available.

The Blum Space Tower is a great alternative solution to standard internal wirework pull outs as it gives the best use of storage space while providing easy access to your store cupboard goods. As the drawers are also available with optional inner dividing systems It is perfect for organising and storing your groceries. 
The drawers fully extend out of the unit giving you access from all three sides. There is even the option to have transparent drawer sides making it easier to locate what you need quickly.
Blum offers a flexible design with the Space Tower, giving a choice of deep or shallow drawers. Each drawer has an impressive load capacity of 40-70kg depending on the drawer size, so it can safely hold all your items. And with the BLUMOTION soft close system your drawers will glide open and close silently and softly every time.

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