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Compact Ovens

Compact ovens are ideal as the main oven in smaller kitchens or as second ovens for families needing that little bit of extra cooking space. Fascias have been designed so that they co-ordinate with other products within the range.
Single Ovens

With a wide variety of cooking functions available you can choose the oven that best suits your culinary needs, whether you prefer steaming, baking or grilling the ovens in our collection have been chosen based on their outstanding performance, versatility and reliability.
Double Ovens

Double ovens are a great appliance if you need the flexibility to be able to cook separate foods on separate temperatures; with a variety of cooking functions available they make cooking family meals easy and efficient.
Range Cookers

Range cookers create a focal point in the kitchen and provide large capacity cooking. We have an extensive selection of range cookers available in various colours and fuel options, a sample of these are shown here; to view our complete appliance range please visit our website

The microwave provides convenient, quick cooking when you need it most. With multiple functions for heating, reheating and defrosting there is also the option to choose a combination microwave or microwave with grill depending on your cooking needs.
Coffee Machines

If you are a coffee lover then a coffee machine is a must for adding an extra touch of elegance and style to your kitchen. Perfect for making a delicious warming drink when entertaining friends and family.
Warming Drawers

Contemporary, stylish stainless steel effect warming drawers are the perfect complement to your oven. A purpose designed space for heating up plates and keeping food warm.



Domino Hobs

By using our Domino hob range which includes induction, ceramic, gas and wok burners you can build your own personalised cooking centre. Domino hobs are also ideal for placing next to your main hob to add extra cooking space.
Induction Hobs

Induction hobs are rapidly gaining in popularity due to their fast, clean and safe cooking ability. Because induction cooking only heats the base of the pan the surrounding ceramic glass remains cooler than traditional ceramic, or gas hobs, and because there is less wasted energy induction cooking can ultimately save costs in energy bills in the long-run.
Ceramic Hobs

Ceramic hobs have always been popular for their practicality and ease-of-use. The stylish look of a ceramic hob will suit any modern kitchen and the smooth glass finish makes them easy to wipe-clean after cooking your favourite meal.
Gas Hobs

Still the most common type of hob you’ll find in a kitchen in the UK, gas hobs provide instant controllable heat. Available in a variety of widths and with gas burners of varying sizes you can choose the hob that best suits your cooking requirements.
Gas On Glass Hobs

Gas on glass hobs are essentially a gas hob mounted on ceramic glass. The smooth ceramic surface gives a stylish finish and makes it easier to wipe clean than a more intricate standard gas model.



Integrated, Canopy, Ceiling Mounted and Downdraught Hoods

Integrated hoods are only visible when in use as they sit behind a door which must be opened when operating the appliance; the rest of the time it is hidden and blends in with the rest of your kitchen units. Canopy hoods are always visible as they are built into the underneath of a unit directly above your hob. Ceiling mounted hoods can be built into the ceiling of your kitchen, ideal for placing over a hob in a feature island. Downdraught hoods are built into the worktop and glide up at the push of a button. These hoods are also ideal in island situations and give a modern, sleek look to the kitchen. These hoods all have the option of venting or re-circulating the cooking air depending on the layout of your kitchen. Please speak to your Design Consultant for advice on the best extraction method for your room.
Chimney & Island Hoods
Chimney hoods come in a variety of sizes and are designed to be fitted to the wall while island hoods are designed to be hung from the ceiling in the centre of a room, a great choice if you have a central island feature. All hoods come with the option of outside venting, allowing the cooking air to be released outside, or re-circulating depending on the layout of your kitchen. Please speak to your Design Consultant for advice on the best extraction method for your room.
Designer Hoods

With the same extraction methods as standard chimney and island hoods our Designer hood collection will add a touch of elegance and luxury to your kitchen.


Fridges & Freezers

Great cooking starts with the freshest ingredients and these fridges and freezers have been designed with that in mind. Under counter cooling products are designed to fit under your work surface and are hidden behind a door matching your kitchen units. In column cooling products are designed to fit in tall housings, in line with your units, and are fitted with matching doors to blend in with your kitchen design. They come with varying capacities and helpful built-in features to keep your perishable products fresh.
American Cooling
American style fridge freezers offer maximum storage space for your chilled foods and can make a style statement in your kitchen.
Wine Coolers

You can always have a perfectly chilled bottle of wine on hand whenever unexpected guests arrive with our selection of wine coolers.



Our laundry range offers time and energy saving features that help make washdays easier, giving you time to do the things you actually enjoy. Choose from our state of the art washing machines or the ultimate space saving practicality of a washer dryer, our fully integrated models are hidden from view behind your kitchen doors.



Dishwashers take the chore out of tidying up after family meal times. Our dishwashers come with useful programmes and features to suit a variety of needs. Slimline appliances are handy for smaller spaces as they are narrower than the standard full size dishwasher. All of our dishwashers are integrated, meaning they are hidden behind your kitchen doors, however semi-integrated will mean that the top control panel will still be visible.

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